Kenya Coffee

Kenya Coffee

Known for their potent sweetness and powerful character, Kenya coffee tasting notes indicate it has a resonant cup presence, exhibiting intense flavors with a distinct winey richness and dry, winey aftertaste similar to Ethiopian Harrar yet with more of a full-bodied richness than Ethiopian coffees.

A good Kenya coffee is vibrant yet clean and crisp, not subtle or delicate, and typically very well -balanced. Notes of lemony citrus may be present, even pepper, along with tones of blackberry. The aftertaste of a Kenya coffee may be quite dry with a lemony zest to it, or perhaps winey.

Known for its consistently rich flavor along with a deep, wine-like acidity and pleasant aroma, Kenya coffee beans have distinctly bright taste with complex tones of fruit and berry.

Info on Kenya Coffee:

– Region: Kenya
– Growing Altitude: 1,700 – 1,800 meters
– Variety: Arabica
– Harvest Period: November – December
– Milling Process: Fully Washed, Sun Dried on Raised Beds
– Aroma: Fresh, Floral
– Flavor: Bergamot, Berries, Lemongrass
– Body: Rich, Heavy
– Acidity: Bright

Coffee Variety:

Kenya’s red-orange, loamy volcanic soils and the region’s moderate climate as well as the ideal equatorial sunlight and well-chosen and Kenya coffee plant.
– SL 28
– SL 34
– K7
– Ruiru 11
– Batian

All distinct to East Africa, as well as Blue Mountain. These varietals allow Kenya to be perhaps the planet’s most consistent producer of world -class premium gourmet coffees.