About Us

MK specializes in the trade of Food & Agricultural products.

Founded in 2005, and for more 16 years, MK has prided itself in providing products that pass a very rigorous series of quality evaluations to ensure that all of our products exceed our customer’s standards. MK is the exclusive representative and distributor of some of the finest produced food products. We partner with the world’s best in trade and export of the best in sugar, Nuts, Coffee Beans, Seafood, Dairy, Oils and America’s best Alfalfa Seeds.

In the alfalfa market, MK has teamed with one of the best alfalfa seed growers in the USA to provide our own brand of MK101 Non-Dormant Alfalfa seed (9- 10) internationally. MK has a 16 year record of 100% success with our alfalfa seed in numerous parts of the world especially in the Middle East and Africa.

From Brazil to India, and from Kenya to Ethiopia, and Indonesia, Vietnam and Uganda, Arabica and Robusta Coffee is a product that we have traded for years. We work directly with coffee farms and co-ops to guarantee the highest quality, the best price, and effortless logistics.

MK has extensive sources for White refined Sugar. Sugar is a product we traded for over 10 years into the Middle East & Africa. Our staff has the knowledge and the resources to put it all together.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Whatever your specific needs may be, MK looks forward to exceeding your expectations and building a successful business partnership with you.

We hope to hear from you soon.

MK Agriculture & Foods