Canola Oil

Definition of Canola oil

The world’s healthiest vegetable oil is extracted from the seeds of the canola plant. The seeds are 44% oil – more than double the oil content of soybeans. In addition to its heart-healthy properties, canola oil is renowned for its fine culinary qualities.

Canola oil, containing minimum amount of saturated fats compared to other edible vegetable oils, is mostly preferred for healthy dishes.
Canola oil includes vitamins such as A, D, E, K and it helps decrease cholesterol levels, and strengthen the immune system.
Canola oil is great for the eyes and the central nervous system with its Omega-3 and Omega-6 content. With its light and mild taste, it is the choice in salads and stir-frying as well as bakery and pasta

Available in the following Sizes:
– 1lt plastic bottles
– 2lt plastic bottles
– 5lt plastic bottles
– 5lt tin
– 10lt tin
– 18lt tin

Please ask about other sizes.


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