India Coffee

Grown in the southern region of the country, coffee from India exhibits a moderate body and acidity.

A good India coffee exhibits characteristics similar to Indonesia coffees, particularly Arabica including a full body yet with an acidity more in line with a good Guatemala Coffee.

The spicy flavors of a fine India coffee may include notes of cardamom, clove, pepper and nutmeg and perhaps hints of tropical fruit.

Types of India Coffee include:

India Coffee Grade Screen Size
Plantation PB
Plantation AScreen 17
Plantation AAScreen 18
Plantation AAA
Plantation BScreen 15
Plantation CScreen 14
Plantation Bulk
Arabica Cherry ABScreen 15
Arabica Cherry CScreen 14
Arabica Cherry PB
Arabica Cherry AScreen 17
Arabica Cherry AAScreen 18
Arabica Cherry AAAScreen 19
Arabica Cherry Bulk
Robusta Parchment ABScreen 15
Robusta Parchment AScreen 17
Robusta Parchment AAScreen 18
Robusta Parchment AAAScreen 19
Robusta Parchment PB
Robusta Parchment CScreen 14
Robusta Parchment Bulk
Robusta Cherry ABScreen 15
Robusta Cherry ABScreen 15
Robusta Cherry CScreen 14
Robusta Cherry AScreen 17
Robusta Cherry AAScreen 18
Robusta Cherry AAAScreen 19
Robusta Cherry PB
Robusta Cherry Bulk

– Arabica P: A, AA, AAA, AB, B
– Arabica C: A, AA
– Robusta C: A, AA, AAA, AB, PB
– Robusta P: AA, AB

India coffee Types & Sizes:

– Coffee Type: Arabica Coffee
– Process Type: Washed
– Trade Name / Screen Size:
Plantation AAA (MNEB) : 19
Plantation AA : 18
Plantation A : 17
Plantation AB : 16
Plantation B : 15
Plantation PB : Round Beans
Plantation C : 13