Panicum Maximum​

Panicum Maximum / بانيكم ممباسا


Apply 200 kg/ha of NPK fertilizer (15:15:15) at seed sowing and then after every forage cut or grazing.


The first cut is at 60-80 days after planting or when the plants are between (60-80 cm high). Cut down to about 10-15 cm.

After the first cut, cut thereafter every 25-30 days in the wet every 40-45 days in the wet season or when the plants reach tall (over 80 cm high) it is low in quality (low crude protein and high fiber).

In the dry season, cut when the plants reach between 50-70 cm in height or about every 60-70 days if there is no irrigation.

General information:
  • Panicum is characterized by rapid growth in summer and winter, and the germination rate reaches 98%.
  • Panicum tolerates the salinity of the water.
  • Seed production lasts for ten years.
  • Grass length ranges between 1.5m and 2.5m.
  • Suitable for all types of soil
  • Panicum needs less irrigation than the known fodder crops.
  • Increases milk production due to its high protein content, reaching (14%-16% crude protein content)
  • Effective in fattening animals.
  • As a feed, it does not cause flatulence or diarrhea.
  • One kilogram contains more than 600,000 seeds
  • Panicum is known as a palatable fodder for ruminant animals. Panicum is described as a perennial plant with a root stem and long, broad leaves. It grows best in hot areas and contains high protein.
  • Panicum is a high-yield grass that can produce between 25 and 35 tons of dry matter per hectare per year. It is best suited to cut and carry, although it can be grazed directly. The grass can be stored as high-quality hay and silage.
Watering method:
  • Plowing the land.
  • Pant the seeds or sow the seeds at a depth of 1 cm – 2 cm.
  • The field is watered well in the first days, then, water it once every 48 hours, then once every 72 hours.
  • Immediately after the first harvest and for the rest of the life of the Panicum, it is watered once every 15 days for 3 hours.
How to take care of Panicum:
  • Panicum is a heat-loving plant. Hence, from month 3 to month 9 it grows spontaneously. However, from month 10 to month 2 due to the cold weather, the Panicum field must be provided with a group of fertilizers, especially organic manure.
  • When harvesting, the plant should not be cut from the roots. 30 cm or more of the plant must be left in the ground for it to grow again.