Wheat Seed

Wheat Seed / بذور القمح

Wheat Origin:
  • USA
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Germany
6 Types of Wheat :

Once Milled into flour, it is very difficult to distinguish white from red wheat. Red wheat contains more protein and has more gluten.

1. Hard red winter wheat. Hard red winter wheat grows in the fall, and is ready for harvest the following spring. It is great for regular bread and all-purpose flour. Excellent milling and baking characteristics for bread, hard rolls, flatbreads, general-purpose flour, and cereal.

2. Soft red winter wheat. After milling, it has a finer “soft” texture that’s best for products like cookies, crackers, and cakes.

3. Hard red spring wheat. It has a high gluten content, and is ideal for breads and pastries like croissants and doughs that rely on a texture with some elasticity, like pizza dough.

4. Hard white wheat. Wheat kernel color is light and with a sweeter flavor than hard red wheat. It is milled whole, preserving its moderate protein and nutrient content. This wheat is used to make tortillas, pan breads, and some noodles.

5. Soft white wheat. Most cake and pastry flours are made of soft white wheat.

6. Durum wheat. It is mainly used in making pasta and Couscous and some Middle Easter and Mediterranean flat breads